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Registered De-Wat Marlin-Rockwell BAR at auction

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I'm guessing a little lower, around $33-35K, simply because the re-wat won't be "original."


If done well it will be original in my view.....other than the bipod and missing flash hider which will be impossible to find which will forever diminish this gun. If you think this is going to be non-original, you might want to take a peak and know probably 90% of C+R guns that left the country were reactivated at some point. I've yet to see an MG42 that wasn't reactivated? Junk in the barrel ain't no big deal. Just think of how low the BP will be if you get it for $3750? LOL

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The bipod is removable but were they retrofitted to Lend Lease guns? If so, it could remain - minus the red plastic thingy

The flash hider can be re-popped/counterfeited (depending on your view of such things)

Still $3750? You're off by about an order of magnitude. :D

I'll never be able to afford it if it goes for anything like what it's worth but I'll be only too happy to jump in if the bidding stalls at Cowan's estimate

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Actually it may be a bit higher if they chage sales tax on the buyers premiun then the BAR would have gone for $23K x 1.20 x 1.07 = $29,532.

Still out the door under $30K is a decent buy; I might even call it a BARgain


The STEN price looks equally good considering it's a real one not a tube gun


I won't comment on the Cowshit Chauchat :wacko:

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