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M1918 Charging Handles

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Just got a quick question... Charging handles... Specifically the larger, curved, knurled handles. What models did these appear on? Is it manufacturer specific, time frame, commercial? Thanks in advance! I usually skulk around on the Thompson board and this is my first one over here.


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It's a Colt Commercial Charging handle. All US Military BAR's had the same size handle (but some winchesters were checkered instead of serrated)

It also could be a Swedish charging handle (Colts have a C Arrow, Sweedish made will have a crown stamp)

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So I was cleaning up a charging handle today and I noticed something. A little nub sticking out on the bottom rear guide rail. I looked at a standard charging handle that is currently on a rifle, but it lacks the nub. The large charging handle doesnt have any markings on it. I havent tried a test fit yet, but was very curious if anyone could shed some light on this mysterious nub. Also, does anyone make a knurled thread protector for a BAR muzzle? Thx- Chris




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