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Monitor build!

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Here are some pictures and a video of a recent project. Group industries receiver used.


Where the front sight would end up. With the gas port hole you have a choice to fill it out move everything back a little bit further. With this one we cut the barrel at the end of the port.


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Monitor was shorter, lighter with a pretty serious compensator. IMHO it would have made a better SAW than the BAR. The D was a full-sized BAR with much easier assy/disassy and improved ergonomics due to the grip

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It depends on what is better maybe...If you are walking around standing to shoot, the 1918 feels real good in your hands. Monitor is even better. Points and handles like a nice shotgun. The 1918A2 with heavy bipod and carry handle flopping around is cumbersome to shoot that way. And the fnd with the big carry handle, weird little wood forgrips, and bipod is really unwieldy.


Now, if I was laying on the ground, shooting at say a pillbox (see the stinger post) I think I would really like the A2 bipod at the muzzle. Every shot would go in the hole, but only 20 rounds makes the belt fed stinger a better choice! If you needed a little barrel sweep to say drop a small group of attackers the midmounted bipod of the fnd will serve you better I think. Peter kokolis wrote some good articles along these lines. I like to shoot offhand standing..bipods and worse tripods are less fun. I never take the belt fed browning out for fun shooting by myself. The 1918 may truly be the better version.

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