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WTS/WTT WW1 BAR Gunner’s belt

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Evening everyone. With Mr. Alberts permission. Ive got a really nice unissued WW1 round flap BAR gunners belt (LONG April 1918). Its really bright, clean, free of tears and rust/oxidation. I stumbled across another one so Im wanting to sell this one or trade for a WW1 pointy flap BAR gunners belt of similar condition or another round flap 1917 cartridge belt. Ive included some other belts in the photos for color comparison. Asking price is $170. If anyone would like more photos and interested please feel free to ask. Thank you all for your time! Respectfully, Chris










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Got an update for the BAR Gunners belt. Now it will come with a 2nd Assistant belt made by Plant Bros! The assistant belt is pretty dang salty. There are a couple tiny holes in 2 of the pouches and one of the holes has been repaired. I have them listed on Ebay for $210 plus shipping, but if someone from the board would like them they can have em for $200 plus shipping. Im on the lookout for blued magazines, a muzzle thread protector, and an original Handbook of the Browning Automatic Rifle (revised June 1918).





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