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Cutts Compensators during the Banana Wars

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The Banana Wars have really peaked my interest through the years ever since I first learned about them on Parris Island. I always save period photos for reference when I find them and I found something interesting. So General Malcom Cutts III graduated the Naval Academy in 1923 and entered service in the USMC. During which he gained notoriety through winning the 1926 & 27 US National Rifle Championships, serving in numerous locations/capacities, and early on as the inventor of the Cutts Compensator. General Cutts and his father Colonel Richard Cutts Developed the Cutts Compensator for rifle and sub machine gun usage. Until now I always thought when it came to the M1918 Browning that the Cutts was used exclusively on the Monitor. Until I saw the following photo... Does anyone know of USMC procurement/usage of such muzzle devices during interwar periods? Furthermore does anyone manufacture a reproduction Cutts for a BAR!? Thanks everyone!



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The photos caption simply stated Marines in Nicaragua. Maybe I can find a better source for the pic. Thats a very wide scope as the Marines were at Nicaragua from. 1912-1933. However, we can see from the predominant lift the dot cartridge belts, the M1918, the use of a muzzle device that should put this photo anywhere from 1923-1933. Ill keep searching.
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