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I Hope This Is True!

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At the Brady Campaign website the block at the right says 28 working days to renew the AW Ban. If this is true I'm counting the days! I wonder what L Drum prices will be after the ban is gone?

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Not just L drums, I want C drums to be avalible where I can afford them for shooting purposes. Even if I have to sent them to Merle to be tweeked into 100% working order. I'm sure the drum greasers PK is selling now will be in demand if Khar can unload all those drums they could only export before to us. Maybe then they would have enough capital to tinker with their tooling and make Khar semi Thompsons all work 100% out of the box.



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Sadly the answer is no to the drums. It's not the mag ban that's keeping them out. The ban only covers mags made after 9/13/94.


Bob D

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Can we really have the hope that someone will see this niche market and cater to it? I hope as you do but have my doubts- the cost of tooling and setupa nd so forth might inhibit a qualified company from doing so given the possibility of another ban within a few years. I think it will take a lot longer to get a another ban together but sellers have t think in the relative tern of getting thier dinero back shortly. $200 drums would be fine with me and Kahr ought to be able to do that right away. THen we can all learn from you pros how to twik them, maybe have a Thompson class somewhere where the pros teach us no nothings so we can pass it on later downthe line if we are to keep this thing we enjoy alive and well into the future.



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I copied this from www.awsunset.com , thought it was interesting.


Good job!!!


6/9/04: CNN Poll Shows Growing Opposition to Extension of Clinton Ban on Certain Semiautomatic Firearms, from Yahoo/U.S. Newswire.


From a Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms press release...


"A CNN internet poll ongoing for about a month shows there is growing opposition to proposals to extend the 1994 Clinton era ban on the manufacture and importation of certain semiautomatic firearms," John Michael Snyder, public affairs director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), stated here today.


CNN posed the question regarding the ban via its QuickVote system on May 9. As of today, about a month later, 59 percent, or 215,424, have voted in favor of lifting the ban, and 41 percent, or 152,257, have voted in favor or extending it. See http://www.cnn.com/POLLSERVER/results/1073...38.content.html.


Actually, noted Snyder, the ban does not have to be lifted, as it is slated to sunset, or expire, in September. Read more.



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