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Auto Burglars North Bergen, NJ PD

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Just in case anyone has Auto Burglers # 453904 ,453911,453930.448235. They were formerly owned by the North Bergen NJ PD. In summer 1986 I came back from vacation .And our "firearms guy " tells me , Oh we got new guns.

They traded 1 thompson ,6 M1 carbines including 4 winchester ,4 vintage colt 1911s one W prefix in455 webley , a few pre war Win pump shotguns. A walther PP ,a P38 . The 4 Auto Burglers and a few other guns. To Navy Arms . They got in return 4 post may Ruger AC 556s ,a Ruger V77 "sniper rifle " and a couple mossbergs .. Who got the better deal ..LOL


OH I forgot about the 2 stens.


Thanks Ron for the title

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