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My New Breda Model 30


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Hey all,

Sorry if I am placing this in the wrong place - I did not see an Italian LMG page.


I just got this from the same gentleman I got my Type 11 from (see on Japanese section). This is a Costa Rican contract 7mm Mauser. It is a rewat. 2-digit serial number (as most Costa Rican contract guns are). This has a lot of matching parts but it is not all matching. I have not shot it as I just got it today, but it hand cycles nicely. I know these are known as "dogs" in the MG world, but I have always been intrigued by its design and look. I was not really actively looking for one but the guy who sold me the Type 11 happened to have this one and he made me a great package deal on the two, so I could not say no.


The seller was kind enough to throw in a *mostly* complete parts kit with it, which was not originally in the agreed upon price or package - so that was a pleasant surprise. The kit is just missing the barrel, magazine and mid receiver section. I also got 2 Costa Rican marked boxes each holding several stripper clips. Anyway, thanks for looking!






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There are no "dog" MGs! Every one has a long, fascinating history and are marvels of engineering. When you get a chance pull out the ejector from your Costa Rican and spend a few minutes inspecting it's configuration, how it fits and imagining making that part. They are very interesting to shoot in feel, rate of fire and the amazing mechanical noises coming out of the action that is churning away right next to your ear. No oiler either......

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Thanks for the response! Yes, I am definitely enjoying getting to know this MG. The time it took to do all the machining must have been high! I am excited to get it out at the range. I was aware of the lack of oiler and that is definitely a big plus when it comes down to operation. That, and the price and availability of 7mm over 7.35 or 6.5. Thanks again!

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