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FOR SALE: Original 1921 Colt actuator (only) ~$850.00

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Hello all! Rust here. I have decided to sell all of my Thompson stuff and take up the accordion and bonsai. I'm kidding...


I am, however, offering for sale an original Colt 1921 actuator. I bought this as a parts kit (actuator, buffer tubes, and buffers) twenty years ago on eBay. I subsequently sold off the buffer tube and accoutrements, and dropped the actuator in my (gasp) West Hurley. I decided last year that this piece of history was simply too valuable to potentially break inside a West Hurley. When I discovered that inside every 1928 actuator there is a 1921 actuator just trying to get out, I had PK mill down a 28 for my gun. So I put this original away. But I figure there has to be a Colt enthusiast out there that could use it.


I can assure it is original. However. I do not know if it has been refinished. Nevertheless, it is in very good shape with characteristic rub marks and dings.


$850.00. Prefer PayPal Friends or money order. I pay shipping USPS. I will hold funds for the prospective buyer to inspect it. If you decided it's not as presented, I will refund minus shipping back to me. Thanks for looking and give her a good home! Rust
























As purchased off eBay


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Before you can sell anything on the forum you must be an RKI or get David Alberts permission.  Too many scammers out there.

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