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IAC replica 1897 shotgun

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I always liked the Winchester 1897 shotgun. But the originals I encountered were either in poor condition and or priced too high. So I decided to check out the IAC replica. Found one at a local gunshow. The action is smooth, wood is walnut and the metal is blued. It is chambered for 2.75" shells and the mini 2.25" shells also cycle fine.





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Norinco or IAC same gun. They are out there for sale some still nib. There is a trench version too. I have no experience with these knock offs but they seem to sell relatively quick. For me i would rather pay more and have a W on mine. Edited by Petroleum 1
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"A fool and his money..." Same thing is true for SxS coach guns and probably some other stuff of which I am not aware. Some people are shelling out ridiculous amounts for low-to-middling quality Chinese clones. The Chinese make pretty good versions of the SKS and AK but other than that I'm generally not impressed

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I have one of the norinco trench models, broke a heat shield screw when trying to remove it to install a 6 shot kit, eventually got the heat shield off, installed the kit and replaced the screw. Had a shell stop screw fall out and had to replace it. I use it in CAS Wild Bunch shoots. Works great with a bayonet too. Not as slick as my worn mismatched Winchester ‘97 or Model 24 Marlin. Thinking that it needs a real good cleaning as lately it's been a little hitchy. I’ve probably had it 20 years. Don’t remember what I paid for it.


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