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FBI Shotgun hardcase mystery solved

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years ago I picked up this case at a show with this gun in it. I knew while the gun fit, this gun is too late, but is still a useful display. In looking for some other stuff related to another riot gun I was looking to buy I ran across the the following which actually proves provenance of this case and a few others. The dimensions are exactly as the sketch shows. All I need to do now is find a 1935 period model 31. Any help with that would be appreciated!!










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In addition, I believe the case can also be used to carry a Remington Model 11 Riot Gun - the first shotgun issued to FBI agents (before it was even called the FBI, for that matter).



The 11 is in the case, while the 31 is in front of the case. Note how both use checkering on their stock and foreends, rather than ribbing.



I am actually in the opposite boat. I have both a 1930s Remington 31 riot, and a 1927 Remington 11 Riot, but no shotgun case. If, by some chance, you ever tire of your search for a 31 riot, and wish to sell your case, please keep me in mind.

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I recall that photo. I just tried a Model 11 and it does not fit in this case. A little shy on width, so that the trigger guard sits up on the divider so that case must be 1/2+ wider. Taking down a Model 11 is not a quick process relatively speaking so maybe that was abandoned in favor of the quick twist off pumps? I do see the checkering, but I would have thought that came later? I am the farthest thing from an expert on vintage shotguns.


I will keep the offer in mind but for now the case will be here for quite some time. Should you decide to part with the Rem. 31 let me know I am in the market!

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