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Total wild-assed guess here The lettering is Roman not Cyrillic so it is definitely not Russian. I had zero luck trying to find anything about the FWP marking. The numbers give a small clue; that style of 1 and 4 is very common in Germany probably elsewhere in Europe but that doesn’t help a lot. There is a limited number of languages in which the term for machinepistol would be abbreviated PM. I don’t have anything like a complete list but some like France qualify linguistically but not politically. However the Polish term for SMG is “pistolet maszynowy.” No guarantees but if it were mine, I think I’d concentrate the search on Poland.



I found it Fabryka Wyrobów Precyzyjnych im. gen. Świerczewskiego (General Świerczewski Precision Machinery Factory).


Full article here https://guns.fandom.com/wiki/VIS_Warszawa

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