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Larger mags or drums?


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I got a full parts kit minus the barrel from numrich for $250 I believe. All parts were nos except the stock. No parts shortage on the Bm59. I was shocked many parts still in sealed baggies 100% new.


I grabbed a nos alpine for $12.5. Vs $16-17 for a Springfield m14. Neither sells all that well for resale.


20 rounds of fun is a bit weak in FA though


Performance wise I read the Bm59 is the better gun too.


100 round beta mag would be cool. Melt my gun after a mag dump ?

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Yes, well barrels are actually the most valuable part.

Performance wise they are about the same in factory configuration, except there are endless options to change the characteristics of the M14.

I would not run 100 rounds through the M14 pictured since it's an original M14, but I have others I might? They have much heavier barrels and are easily replaceable for minimal money.

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Ah, there are tools for that as well. The LMG parts set. I do beto mag dumps with that on occasion and they are set up for that. Your standard A2 upper is really set up for about 60 rds. before you start heating her up and potentially at the beginning of damage. Adding a can probably adds signifcant extra heat.

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Since I showed the full auto capabilities of the M14 I thought I would give time to the BM59. Beside this is the BM59 forum.


The BM59 on full auto:

And here:

How about the Alpine:

And in the hands of troops:

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