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United Defense Model 42 ----> Parts Set with 80% Receiver

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Does anyone here have first hand knowledge of those "80%" receivers (available 30 to 35 years ago) for the UD 42?

The reason I'm asking is because......
I've been offered a complete parts set that includes what I suspect is one of these tubes.
All I know at this time regarding the "80%" receiver is that the ID for the bolt is undersized, there is no slot for the ejector. Outwardly the tube looks just like an original receiver. Even having been beautifully blued

All the UD parts are in very good+ condition.

With the parts set is a dummy bolt (undersized) and when fully assembled the UD is a extremely accurate display piece.

Anyone have an idea as to a fair price for this parts kit?

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Pics would be of great help. UD parts are scarce and those needing spares to complete live examples and those just wanting spare parts, etc would value these quite highly. Also value would be seriously enhanced if the receiver is a faithful copy of the original for a post- sample build. I assume the original bolt is not with the parts. Too bad.

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Oh Yes, I do know of the scarcity of the parts and even more so for a complete parts set.
The original bolt is included, As far as I could tell the only missing part is the ejector. But,
looking a that part it dose not appear to be much more that a simple flat piece of steel.
Would be very easy to fabricate. The slit for the ejector would have to be cut in the tube.

Like I mentioned, the dummy tube is of exact dimensions on the outside. It is just undersize
for the bolt opening. That is the main bolt body and the nose of the bolt. Would require
some lathe work if one had the license to build.

I'd post pics but it is not in my possession. I'm still negotiating prices for the small collection
I was recently offered.

I was hoping to come across somebody that was familiar with those once offered dummy rec's.

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Bill Shillig used to sell "80%" UD-42 receivers in the 90's. His company was named "WME".....they were out of Oregon. He also sold some registered tube receivers pre-'86


To the best of my memory, his were original ID, and fully machined......only lacking the charging handle slot and ejection port cuts.


He did beautiful work, but the ATF decided some of his products were a bit too close to completion.....and got completely out of the biz around 2000-2005

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Interesting Thanks for the information.

This could very well be one of those same products. Although the one I been offered does have the ejection port and charging handle cuts present,. Now I concerned that this might not comply with the current ATF ideas as to what exactly is an "80%" receiver. I have seen the ATF photos of an AR "80%" receiver but that is like comparing apples to oranges.

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I'm not an expert but if the ID of the receiver is undersized then there is no way it can be assembled into a live gun without significant machine work to bore and hone the ID to the live receiver dimensions. That should be enough to satisfy ATF's requirements

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"That should be enough to satisfy ATF's requirements".

Well when it come to the ATF it seems to depend on the day of the week, the hour of that day, who made the ruling and just exactly how that person felt at the time. At one time, importation requirements dictated that saw cuts were just fine and now we have to deal with cremated remains.

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