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Sten Loop stock with bayonet- unusual

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Those repro bayonets and buttstocks were sold by IMA years ago. I had a photo of the stock/bayonet in one of the Sten books I did YEARS ago.

Peter Laidler, author of the Collector Grade Sten book, and former British armorer, told me there never was such a buttstock made to hold a bayonet.


IMHO he may be right, but just because he never saw one, doesn't mean they didn't exist. But who knows? Probably the guys at IMA...

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I may be wrong, but I think the concept of issuing a bayonet with the STEN MKII was withdrawn (as were the bayonets) before the loop/skeleton stock was fielded.
There was a cleaning rod that could clip into the loop/skeleton stock, but I have yet to find one of those stocks with the clips!


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Thanks for the info guys!. What I do find with IMA is that they seem to always do replicas. In other words I'm guessing they acquired a stock like that from somewhere before duplicating it? I don't recall seeing them invent anything? It is a pretty good spot for a bayonet, and well designed......should one be so unlucky as to need a sten bayonet quickly. I think this stock came with a gun I got at least 15yrs ago.

Somewhere the stock with the cleaning rod is around here and I know it has a rod in it, so the clips are intact? It will turn up!

I went through Laidler's book again yesterday just to double check. Sometimes a discussion yields new and added info on scarce items? I recall the sole example of the Bren fixed line sight in the Bren book, then shortly thereafter a few dozen appeared? New and rare variants of MG34 accessories after the first MG34/MG42 book came out. I'd guess there's new stuff in the Vickers book, if it ever shows up.

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If I recall correctly, Walter Newman, who worked for Cranmer at IMA for many years as his buyer for import into the US, told me years ago that IMA had those stock/bayonet combos made up for them in India for retail sales. Early on IMA did not mark their repro products.

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