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A Question About Values


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I didn't see a spot for introductions, but I'm an old retired USAF guy. I'm all over the web with the same user name so, it shouldn't be hard to find "me." I was referred here after posting a value question on another forum.


My wife informed me "we" made a deal some time ago to start to thin the herd when I reached ancient status. While my recollection of the discussion differs, it doesn't change the course of the river. I've also not sold anything off in years so my knowledge of prices isn't current.

It looks like quality rifles still command a decent price but I'm at a loss on a nice BM-59. It was sold by RSI to a MS gun shop and then to the person I bought it from in 2011, and then just sat in my safe since. It's a Beretta receiver, imported through Springfield Armory and then finish cut and built up by Springfield. All PB parts, clean and a sharp rifle. I have no knowledge of recent sales or market trends, but there seems to have been a glut of parts kits out there that could have neutered the market.

What are you guys seeing for values?

Thanks in advance!







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If you're all the web, you know about Gunbroker. These pop up regularly. Not a bad way to value a weapon. Kind of like pricing all the other houses in your neighborhood.


Also, I would recommend checking out Tim Shufflin's "Battle Tested" forums. Tim builds BM59s and the BT site is a good meeting place to exchange information.


I've got three, an E model, a 59, and an Alpini. I bought the E model already assembled when Oboma won the 2nd time. Paid just over $1000.00 for it. Yours are going upward of $1500.


Oh, by the way, welcome from another old retired guy.

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