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UD-42 Parts Set Listing Now On GunBroker

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Just saw this post.

I'm willing to provide what you need, but it will take some disassembly to accomplish.

As for "Blueprints", what items do you need dimensions/specs for other than recoil spring assembly and ejector?

How are you fixed for mags? See my post on UD-42 mag alternatives.

The GB item description is no longer available, so I don't know what you got and parts condition.

Welcome to the UD-42 club!

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DUBLBZ, would love to chat with you about the UD. I sourced an original recoil spring so I am good to go. My next mission is identifying the correct dimensions for the ejector and also its position in relation to the receiver. I was unable to find schematics I could trust with any confidence on the matter. Any reference data from your own experience on how to locate that or any measurements that you may have taken that I could use to locate the location for this would be great.
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