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Thompson Wood For Sale

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I saw this on the smith-wessonforum this morning. I have no association with the seller. I don't even know if it is a good price I don't need them for myself, and thought someone here might be interested.


Here is a quote from the message:


"1928 Thompson stocks that are new old stock! They have the cross bolt and never have had a screw put in. No nicks, scratches absolutely mint! $25"


Here is a link to the message:






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see stuff is coming out of the woodwork already,wink!! a few years ago you could buy them for $50.00 for complete set..........i bet no metal for $25.00 and if he has it; it's another $100.00 to boot..........just watch as more catch on...........all that stuff in basement,closet,shed, barn, garage.under the bed........its for a thompson.............$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


yep!! take care,ron

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At local guns shows (local to me, anyway) there's a guy who sells new '28 cross-bolt butt stocks with only the cross-bolt and washers for $6.00. He also has "select" ones (which are no better than the others in my opinion) for $20.00.


He won't say what he paid but he did say he bought hundreds of them from a couple who was burning them for firewood.


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QUOTE (Arthur Fliegenheimer @ Jun 21 2004, 05:06 PM)
There is a guy in the midwest who managed to bottle the ashes from the burnt stocks and sells it for $3.99.

art is that the> smoky mountain burnt thompson stock company ltd.???i heard urban legend,limited ed.buy them now!!!






yes it is getting nut's.................


take care,ron

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Okay, at the risk of being accused of Thompson Greed...


I've got a very nice '28 NON-cross bolt stock I'd like to sell.

It's STRIPPED, no metal whatsoever. No dings, or scratches to speak of,

except for one small, like a quarter inch, 'chip' at the edge of the slot where the

rear sling swivel goes. It has a nice straight grain pattern in the wood.

And the finish is nice and clean.

If I didn't already have an extra, I'd keep it.

So, I'd like to sell it for $45 including 1st class postage.

Email me if you're interested.

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