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BAR Nylon gas regulators

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Rock In A Hard Place, page 201, "A Later Korean Reminiscence" by Sgt James C. Raymond mentions throw away nylon gas regulators. The book is pretty comprehensive about the BAR, but I don't recall seeing info about this accesory in any other pages. Does anyone have more info on these or perhaps a photo of one? Here is the paragraph from the book:


"Just days later, we were issued a handful of throwaway nylon gas valves. This meant that, instead of having to polish out the carbon deposits which would be burned into the top of the BAR's steel gas piston or valve, we would simply install one of these plastic valves when it carboned up, throw away it away and insert a new one. This was an amazing convenience, because we had nothing to clean the valves with other than oil and smooth stone - no wire brushes or solvent I'm sorry to say..."

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I tend to think a nylon or plastic regulator would melt under the heat of automatic fire and gum up the regulator well, threads, and piston head. Would be interesting to learn more about this device if it infact existed.
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