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Ohio Ordnance Works A1918 ?

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Ive searched quite a bit to find out how many OOW A1918s were produced; but, havent found any definitive numbers. Anyone know for certain.


Also, are there any other members here that own one?


I have #40.



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I purchased two of them about two years apart and there was around a 130 number difference in the rifles ... I spoke to a guy who works for OOW and he said that when they were making them, that they produced around 90 rifles per year ... At least that is what he told me.







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My gun is a regular M1918A3, bought about 2013, from OOW.

Back in the '70s I traded into a M2A1 carbine stock. It was an original M1A1 carbine stock, inletted for the FA parts.

The pictured foregrip was installed on the end of the carbine stock.

It is a basic M1A1 grip with a piece of wood glued on the bottom to better fill the hand.

Its makes handling the beast much easier.

If you happen to have the book "US Small Arms in WWII', check on page 207. You will see a BAR with a fore grip very similar to mine.

Jim C

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The number i had from Bob was around 300 in all 4 production runs. So not many 1918 out there.I disb them back when and was one of the first all low numbers. Great rifles.When you could buy a original 1918 for under $5,000.00 that was the way to go. or a great 1918a2 for less then $3,000.00.Sand Pebbles in 1966 was my first taste.it was a Marlin Rockwell for that classic.somebody i am sure has that one today.with all its movie bruises.'What The Hell Happened" a good movie line.


Later ON Dillinger. did it for me had to have all the models RAMO, Winchester, ROYAL TYPEWRITER, Marlin Rockwell.Colt.New England Small Arms. it was fun. Now just old man tales. RON K.

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We had a pretty big family shoot today. Took out the A1918 for the first time and sighted it in. Then started ringing some steel. Could hit the steel pig at 270 yards about 2/3s of the time. Rifle was 100% reliable; but, I had two things I wasnt happy about.


The trigger is just horrible. Feels likes its 8 or 9 pounds. Not sure if anything can be done about this.


The M1918 rear stock sucks too. The top of the stock comes up too high; so, in order to use the sights at 100 yards you are pressing down hard on your cheek. Ever shot is like taking a punch to the cheek. Im going to slide on an A2 stock before the next outing.


One of my son in laws is an Ex-Marine infantry, three combat tours to the Middle East. He had a huge grin on his face after tearing up the steel pig! Had to get his picture taken with it for his buddies.





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