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Semiauto Mkv Build

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Thanks this helps! Tell me what kind of fitting would be required in you opinion to make a semi-auto stenling using a sas kit, sten mag well to use sten mags and a sterling parts kit for trigger assembly and stock, etc? http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/cool.gif
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OK, off-hand I don't know the ID and OD of a Sterling, but with the SAS3 kit (which are going out of production soon), you'll be using the ID of the SAS3, which is (ISTR) 1.3". The other question is, what differences, if any, are there between the Sterling trigger group sear holes and the Sten sear holes? That difference would have to be taken into account. . .


For example, since I'm using a MkV parts kit, I have to make a few modifications. The MkV sear hole locations are 1.25" farther forward than the MkII and MkIII sear holes. Since the SAS3 system is using the sear to hold the striker/hammer, the relationship between the chamber and the sear holes must remain constant. . . I have to move ALL of the holes and cuts (other than the rear J-slots that hold the spring endcap on) forward by that 1.25" -- which means that the overall length of the tube will be increased 1.25"!

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