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Relic BMR demilled receiver question

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Hello forum, I have recently purchased this Colt demilled BMR receiver from an auction. Its darn rusty on the inside and pretty pitted, as you can see from the close up of the markings. The charging handle more or less holds the rear end on. My question to the forum is what to do about the rust. I have soaked it in WD40 and cleaned that off with contact cleaner then covered it in gun oil. I'm not sure that will keep it from rusting further. I want to try and preserve it as best I can but I'm afraid the rust will just keep advancing.

So I would think my choices would be to keep it oiled as is or go the other extreme and clean it with some sort of rust cleaning solution and have it reblued for protection. I know to some that is sacrilege and should be left alone. BUT it is rusting and needs protection. When I received it, it looks like something was done to the outside as the pits are clean but the inside was left alone. At the moment I'm leaning toward do nothing to it, just keep it oiled. Any thoughts? Thanks.


Why bother with this? Because i'm a history nerd and enjoy these these things. I want it protected and not forgotten.




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Hi Ssjtristan, try this. Coat with Fluid Film, wipe down, repeat every few months. Fluid Film will eventually season the metal and preserve it as it is. It will be sticky when wet and takes a long time to dry, but nearly invisible when dry.

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I know its been a couple years on this post BUUUUT,

may I ask what auction sites you use as I have been lookin for a ww1 demill for a longgg time.

I recovered a Winny in Iraq and my grandpa carried a Marlin iin Pattons 8th Army..would love to have an original for the shelf

any tips on tracking one down are appreciated, Gents

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