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Digital M1928a-1

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Not exactly "the real thing", but I thought it nice to see this much modelling authenticity going into the next installment of "Medal OF Honor". The real/model comparison pic is impressive.




BTW... Did I get the ID right? Might as well find out what I want to shop for, specifically.

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okay i admit it i own a X-box........not the porn rated one.......the good one..........stupid question from me....will this be out on that game program..............since i am a expert with a svd.sniper rifle, i like to try the thompson........



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phil i never could figure out why they called it a "joystick" then around about age twelve this girl in the neigborhood showed me..aw a story for another time,maybe the history channel..wink!!


take care,ron




i like the x-box.........

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