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Winchester 1907 Dillinger style forearm

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I saw these at a local gun show in Indianapolis. They are made of Delrin, a very durable plastic material. The guy has unfinished black and a few painted brown. They had one on a 1907, and it did feel very comfortable to hold the gun with the Thompson grip.

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Funny I just stumbled on that yesterday. Now if someone started reproducing the compensators that would be very sweet.


I spoke to him about that very same thing. He has a machinist working on them now. He may have some in the fall is what he said.

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Thanks for the heads up !

He makes them without the Thompson grip too. Good to have a sturdy fore end if you like to shoot your 07 Winchester, the wood ones do crack .


Noticed his listings for vintage ammo. .38 Auto for $116 a box ! Winchester .351 starting at $150 per box !

Glad I reload for those vintage calibers.

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