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Nice Find - Winchester Border Rifle

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I came across a fairly rare Winchester last week. A model 1892 short rifle, or as commonly called a Border Rifle ... From what I have read the majority of these models went down to the border region, and further south into Mexico and South America ... Quite a few found their way to Hollywood as well. The barrel is 20 inches.


This one is chambered in 38 WCF (38-40). I disassembled the rifle and cleaned out around a century's worth of grease and gunpowder residue. The barrel was leaded up pretty badly as well, but after a lot of scrubbing, cleaned up nicely and still has decent rifling ... Not shiny, but good enough to be a good shooter. I bounced pine cones all over the back yard with it, and took out some water bottles at 50 yards.


This one was manufactured in 1913 ... Maybe it took part in the border fighting of the era ... Cool to ponder the possibilities anyway.





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Hi Oldtrooper,


I'm late to this post. John Moses Browning made some of the best little lever guns. The short rifles in the 38WCF and 44WCF are a joy to use to bark cans and pine cones.


Thanks for posting your '92.



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