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Oiler from UD42 in my possession, previously owned by Berkeley Police Dept. Berkeley, WVA

Hand engraved in small letters in receiver at receiver/stock joint: WPD W 13

Remains of a decal that had the PD details are on the stock

The Thompson oilers are almost twice as long as the UD oilers.

Both sides of body are impressed with oval.

Body is 2 1/8" long; cap is 1 5/8" long.

Width is1"

Thickness is 1/2'

Body is non-magnetic so is nickel.

Oval bottom is recessed

Top edge of bottom stamped: PAT'D APRIL 22 '05

Center stamped in larger font: MADE IN U S A
Bottom edge stamped: PAT'D APRIL 6 97




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Did it come with a fishing reel?

You would really have to check a manual to see what was spec'd originally? I've seen a number of fishing reel oilers in with MG stuff because they were readily available and served the purpose. I don't think I've ever seen one of these pictured in a manual? I'm sure David has a manual as I've seen them for sale on rare occasion.

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I'm merely presenting what I have and what I acquired with my UD and not making any claims that it was issued with the guns. When I bought the UD, the seller had seven UDs on offer and the one I bought was the only one with an oiler in the trap. At the rime I was familiar with the Thompson oilers and the oiler in the UD was interesting but without reference to SMGs in my experience. I've seen probably another half dozen of the UDs since then and none have had oilers, including several kits that crossed my path.

I suspect that the short one noted and pictured in the first post is most likely to be a correct example of the oiler for the UD. The coincidence that it is exactly like the Thompson variety in design, and finish and very likely made by the same company that made those for the Thompson is persuasive.
However, the Thompson oilers were made way before the UD was made which makes the first poster's Thompson-like oiler a bit suspect to me for it's use in the UD since it could just as easily have been something that fit the trap as suggested as a source for the one in my UD.
The oiler pictured in my post has a pre-1900 patent date which makes it too old for application to the UD. But the same could be said for the shorter Thompson style oiler pictured.
Anybody seen a manual for a UD?

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I have had 2 different types of UD manuals over the years. I had 8 of the High Standard version, and one of the United Defense version. I made a scan of the United Defense manual, and will check if it includes an oiler. I dont recall seeing one in the manual. The High Standard manual was only 8 pages long, and did not show an oiler.


David Albert


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Thanks David. It's been in the back of my mind that the trap in the stock is not for an oiler so other possible contents should be considered. Small parts such as firing pin, extractor, springs, maybe bore brush with pull-thru, etc, etc.

if you have a chance to peruse the manuals and find anything about the trap contents, please let us know.

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David, i checked your scan: it does not show the oiler bottle

Only thing i can say: the UD i saw in the belgian collection came from an air drop to the resistance, it is matching numbers and i suppose the oiler was already in the buttstock when it was parachuted

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Thanks. Of course there's no picture of such an insignificant accessory!
Without picture confirmation of what the oiler looked like from a source contemporary to the gun, I'm inclined to accept the oiler pictured in the first post as probably the type used with the UDs. At the time of the issue of the UDs there were a variety of newer style of oilers compared to the early Thompson types and I wonder if that company was still producing such oilers.
The trap on the UD is about 10 cm deep to the outside of the buttplate so an olier 9cm or less would would fit. The M1 Carbine oilers are a fit to the UD trap.
M1 Thompson oilers are too long, of course.

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For some reason I though I'd seen a gov. printed manual somewhere? Normally those have plates with pictures of the accessories, cases, crates, etc. I've never seen a "short" Thompson oiler like the one pictured so that may be safe assumption? Researching this stuff can be difficult. Last year I bough an oil can based on photos in a "well respected" book and it turned out to be an SKS oil can labeled for a BAR. Comparisons with both cans and the plate photo from a 1918 manual confirmed......I now have an oil can for my SKS which I guess I didn't have, but never really felt the need.

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