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any body make 26.5mm f\lare gun inserts


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we have made these inserts in many cals,,, but one in 20ga is just too much to handle and beats gun to pieces, did a few in 28 ga that were ok, .410 seems to be the best, you should be able to get a local small machine shop to make up anything you want, just sayn

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I thought flare gun inserts could only be made in other flare gun cartridges . I have 37mm to 26.5 mm and 37mm to 12 gauge but the 12 gauge chambers were short cut to only fit flares ( this was pre-super short shotgun shell era ) .


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Would not the insert in a firearm caliber transform the flare gun into a firearm?

Would it be possible to just Form 1 the insert?


Interesting question


Okay inserts were widely sold in both .22 and a rifled .410


Honestly they fall into the same abyss legally as conversion cylinders for cap & ball revolvers

they are not a workaround for a prohibited person


for everyone else ?

totally legal, no need to file paper well unless its smoothbore and then they could be registered even as an AOW


some of the euro guns are pretty weak

others are very strong

items like the RV85 flare rifle are tough actions

The HK patterns are awful weak


most of the WWII German guns are very strong as well

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There are number of them for sale, just google them up. One place sells a kit to shoot arrows out of your flare gun.


Don't even think of using any of those in a plastic body flare gun.

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