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Bren Gas Setting - Any hints from experienced shooters?

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Hi All,


I was out at the range today turning money into noise with the Bren. It is a 1940 JI gun. I've the gas regulator set on the smallest dot. From time to time it would double in semi.


Could this be caused by under-gassing the gun?


In short, how do you know you have the gas setting correct. I don't have any ejection problems with the smallest dot setting. Just some run-on in semi.







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If the gun is under gassed, it will not drive the op rod far enough back to catch on the trigger sear, but far enough back to extract, eject and chamber a fresh cartridge.

Either the gun is dirty, or the gas piston/gas cylinder fit has excessive clearance.

Turning the gas adjustment to the next larger port, will normally correct the issue.


But, do check the clearance between the gas piston and the gas cylinder.

They are often worn, creating excess clearance.

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