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Odd 9MM SMG barrel

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Recently we looked at a lot of pallets of assorted "stuff".
Some will go to Knob Creek, most is heading into the sorting area and will go up for sale on the web site.
We ran across some odd things and some parts we had been looking for.
Here is an 9MM(?) SMG barrel that looks like it sat someplace, abandoned for some time.
I do not recognize what gun it is from, anyone know?




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Some good thoughts on the barrel question.
The surface rust is concealing any markings that may or may not be on the part.
The way it mounts to the gun may be the main clue.
I thought the ribbed profile and slant muzzle brake might jog someones memory.
It looks blue in the picture, but is brown to the human eye.


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any rifleing in the bore ? ive seen ww2 underground built guns with smooth bore,,,this gun looks like extensive machineing so it might be someones home built , one of a kind,, just sayn


Last night I cleaned away some of the rust (looking for markings) and gave the bore a basic cleaning.

It is chambered and rifled.

The base of the front sight blade is numbered.

I didn't find many other clues.


Thank you for looking thru NELSON's SMG books!

That is a lot of pages to look at.



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