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Hello all,

I have been working on a project recently and I need your help! I'm trying to reach those of you who own unaltered, unmodified, from the factory original rifles. Yes, I realize that will be very few of you. The number of people who own a BAR are slim and those of you that own original models are even fewer. I have thrown together a data sheet (similar to the M1 Garand data sheets) for those of you lucky enough to own one. My goal is to use the data collected for study and for publication. This is fairly crude in its construction but it gets the job done. I feel that most of what it asks for does not need explained or expanded on but I'm sure there will be questions. The program I used won't let me correct anything either so it is what it is. I can always create another form if needed. Please fill in the appropriate information and just email what you found. It doesn't have to be all the information but more is better obviously.


I understand not wanting to report serial numbers. And that's fine, please just X out the last 2 or 3 numbers.


I probably left out something important from the form but I'll tackle that down the road. Feel free to use it for insurance purposes or your own records. This should be a fill-in style PDF that you can save. If you have questions or concerns email me at browningsurvey@gmail.com.


Thank you for your time and consideration.




p.s. I'm sure some of you will wonder who I am. In short I'm just a BAR enthusiast. I've been working on this project for a few years but lost heart last year due to covid. My profession is in healthcare and I just felt pretty stressed and very blah. SOME archives/museums have opened up again and I felt I could complete my work. Although I am in reality lacking quite a lot. My interest renewed, I hope to be finished by spring but it's not set in stone. No, I do not have a publisher, I will not go to any until I have something completed...or at least as near as can be completed.


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