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ATF cashed check 10 months ago ....

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remember that the forms and check go to Portland, where the check is separated and cashed. then paperwork is batch shipped to WV, where the actual process starts. Holidays, vacations, weather, training days, ebb and flow of work ( like RIA auction transfers influx ) can impact form 4. So can resources at the FBI for finger prints and back ground checks. Now, realistically this could be done in days, but it IS the govt, and I have it from reliable informed sources that the Process is intentionally slowed. Just because one form takes 9 months, does not mean another will. You also may have to deal with an error letter since stuff not transferred for a long time has to be researched to make sure the data is correct from the original registration - and often is not. I would say 1/4 of the C&R stuff I touch gets an error letter for something.

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Real quick to cash those checks, that lot. The bullshit excuse they use for a mailed in Form 1 or 4 to get approved is fingerprints and background, yet for an Efile Form 1 gets approved in a month or less with the same mail-in fingerprints. They need to be abolished. A most un-American and anti-Constitutional organization. Edited by Waffen Und Bier
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Had 3 Form 4s inbound last January. Check cashed, 1/25/21.

All approved on 5/25/21.

We are an SOT

Currently have batch of Form 4s pending. Check cashed 6/29/21.

Currently pending, since mid August.

We had a Form 4 go from pending to approved in 2018 in 47 days.


in addition, we submitted an eFile Form 2 earlier this year and it took almost 2 weeks for approval.


It was a SBR.


Nothing that required extensive research in their data base.



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I have about a dozen form 4s that the customers submitted in February that are still pending.

I have 4 Form 4s inbound to my SOT that were submitted in April.

It's nonsense right now. Form 4s to dealers were taking 6-8 weeks 2 years ago. Last year I could get an efiled form 3 approved in 12 hours, now I'm lucky to get one in 12 days.

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