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S&W 76, MK760 Owners (WTS)


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Have finished up a CNC manufacturing run of the stock adapters designed to add a more sturdy folding stock to these great Subguns. Folding stocks such as the Sig Sauer Minimalist Plus, Telescoping Folding stock, Sig Thin Folding Stock, and others will all fit with a 1913 interface. This enables you to have a much sturdier stock while in FA fire. They look good too!

This is not a business for me. It started as an idea from another person, and is now a cool project with many hours put into it.

Limited quantity will be available due to the cost of machining/manufacturing.

Absolutely no modifications are needed on your registered gun!

If interested please email me for more information on the adapter, shipping, etc.

Adapter Cost is $235.00 shipped in the lower 48.

Thank You,

Email: brmiles@sbcglobal.net






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Hey guys I ordered one and will post once I get it. My experience with Brian thus far is fabulous. He has clearly put thought in the design and quality of the product and it will certainly make shooting the M76 a much more "reliable" experience. Make sure you keep the OEM folding stock in case you want to sell.


More to follow.

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