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Suomi parts kit question

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Every Suomi Parts kit I see online there seems to be a ring an inch or two before the muzzle end of the included Barrel. Whats the ring cut out for? Pic below.





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FWIW (not much) Small Arms of the World 12th Edition has an excellent X-section drawing on the Suomi which shows that groove very clearly and also shows that there is nothing in it.


My guess - and it it purely a guess - is that the barrel is rough machined behind the groove and in front of the groove it is finish machined to an exact tolerance to fit inside what on the drawing appears to be a shroud support bushing. The groove would be merely a relief cut to define the limit of the precision machining

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You could be right that this cut is just to define the two sections of the barrel. The front end is cylindrical (where it fits into the shroud), behind the cut the barrel is slightly tapered. Just checked the barrel of my Suomi.

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