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Beretta 38/42 receiver end cap


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Just guessing here:

I have a Yugoslav M49/57 the upper receiver design of which is based on the Beretta 38 series. The recoil spring guide/damper assy on the Yugo has two rearward facing lugs on the end plate which fit into recesses in the cap when the cap is secured in the locked position. The holes in your end cap may provide a similar function. The differences between the two end caps in the most recent image posted could be due to the fact that Beretta revised the recoil spring guide/damper assy at least twice during the production of the 38 series and not all versions would necessarily have locked up in the same manner.Damper.JPG

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Resurrecting an old thread. It turns out that there were at least 4 different varieties of receiver end caps used on the 38 Series

I got to examine a 38A last weekend.  It had the original bolt with the small diameter non-rotating captive recoil spring and guide tube.  The end plate of the guide had 2 lugs on it which locked into notches in the receiver end cap to secure it into place.  The notches in the end cap were not cut all the way through so only a round hole for the end piece of the guide was visible. I would consider this to be the first type of end cap.  It was probably used on the original Model 38 and carried over into the 38A

Yours, with the notches cut through, would have been cheaper to manufacture and would have given visible as well as tactile confirmation that the end cap was locked in place.  Since it provided both manufacturing and practical improvements I consider this one to be the second type. It was probably a running change made as part of the 38 to 38A transition

The Model 38/42 dispensed with the captive guide system but still retained the small diameter guide tube.  The locking lugs were no longer used.  They were an unnecessarily redundant feature since there was a safety built into the rear of the receiver that prevented the trigger from being pulled if the receiver end cap was not secure.  This recoil assembly required only a round hole for the end piece. I consider it to be the third type.  The first and second type end caps could be and were used on the 38/42.

The Model 38/44 replaced the bolt and recoil spring with a new design that used a larger diameter spring with no guide.  There was no need for a hole in the end cap.  The previous design end caps could not be used on a 38/44 without giving the shooter a face full of lubricant.  This design was carried over into the 38/49 Model 4 and Model 5. I consider this to be the fourth type.

I haven't examined a Model 12 but from the pictures I have seen it appears to use the same end cap as the 38/44 with a revised locking mechanism.

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