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anyone know thread size, pitch, and shape for Lewis bbl jack

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Before I drag out calipers and the Machinery's I thought I would ask here... Does anyone know the size, pitch and shape for the threads on the barrel jack used to remove the barrel from the jacket? I have been searching for one for a very long time and have decided to just go the homebrew route. Are the barrel jack for the .303 the same as for the others?


Also, does anyone know where I can get a spud/pipe-type loading handle for the drum mag? I have one of the large, t-handle type but it isn't terribly handy and would like to find one of the smaller ones.





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APEX Gun Parts has the original loading tools for the LEWIS LMG pan magazines.



We also have a good number of the magazines on hand.

The brass barrel jack and the associated collar are quite elusive!
I have only ever seen pictures.
A few people seem to have them, but no one seems to make a similar tool.

Here are the pictures I have.









Jack Screw collar








Hope this all helps!
You may want to make a few of these tools!




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