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Running 9 Para in a PPSh Drum?

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Just got a drum cleaned up for use with my incoming Yugo 49/57. I did a trial fit of 9 Para rounds and tried to feed them pushing them out of the feed lips by hand. I had numerous failures mostly nose dives which appeared to be due to the .22" difference in length between the 7.62 Tok and 9 Para cartridges. I think I know how to fix this but I wanted to ask if anyone on the board had the same issue and how they went about fixing it.


My plan is to cut a disc of 7 ga. (.180") sheet metal that fits snugly inside the drum on top of the cartridges with a hole in the middle to clear the clockspring assy. This would hold the cartridges back in the drum and prevent them from nosediving. Does this sound workable? Does anyone have another solution?


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I have used them with 9mm in my PPSH quite a bit. There is a difference in the length of the rounds but if the drum fits good they seem to overcome that gap and not dive. I do have a failure here and there but I have sorted my drums and some work better than others. My best working drum is a mint condition yugo drum. Has 01 markings. I have also welded a short ramp in a drum I was using for short blanks. It helped to guide them pretty well to the chamber
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