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Question about missing markings on an M38A


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I've come across an M38A without the usual wording







on the top of the receiver. Has anyone seen an M38A without this wording before? Does anyone know why the wording would be missing?




Secondly, is there any way of dating this type of weapon from the serial no. and prefix?




Thanks for any help

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I have a similar gun. Only marking is G and 4 digit serial number. Serial number is repeated on the stock. Registration says manufacturer was Beretta. FOI request says gun was registered in the 1968 amnesty. At that time it was a dewat.

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Our current 38/42 has with two letters and 4 numbers. As stated above, the SN is also located on the stock less the 2 letters.


Barrels usually have the 4 digit numbers, whether the same serial numbers or another set if it was reactivated , possibly repaired or from the factory with a different number. During WWII beginning around 42’ the Germans were running the Beretta manufacturing process and they did apply serial numbers in various places. Mainly the 38/42 38/44 Beretta sub machine gun.

The 38a was originally manufactured in the 1930s, not to say that some may have been turned into different models. There were some post war 38a models that were stamped 38a/49 and such. We once had one that stamped on the top of the receiver. It was for all intensive purposes a 38a configuration. It may of had 1949 stamped on the receiver top as well. also it only has one letter above the 3 digit SN.


The photo of the top of the receiver is not that clear, but it's the clearest that I have. These photos are from 2004. I do not recall if the SN included the letter. I'll try and dig up the old paper work. It was also a DEWAT the was a 68 Amnesty registration.

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