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1968 Amnestry Registration and C&R

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I have an M1 marked amnesty registered M2 converted carbine. Since the conversion was completed over 50 years ago, could that now be considered a C&R? The amnesty paperwork lists the date of acquisition as 1950 and it's a late war Winchester with a 7M plus serial number .


I know I should ask the ATF, but thought someone hear may have some thoughts or experience.


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The carbine collectors have a website. Someone here will know the sight. Check with them first thing.

I seem to remember that Winchester M2 carbines were not stamped or over-stamped, as the Inland carbine .

Its possible that when your carbine was being assembled enough M2 parts were on hand to make an M2.

But Winchester didn't bother to change the stamp.

Are all the parts stamped with Winchester code letters, (W)??/


Jim C

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Thanks Jim, that's interesting to know. I am not home at the moment, but seem like all the parts are Winchester, except he replaced the stock with an inland paratrooper stock. Story is he took it with him when he mustered out of the Army and registered it in 1968.

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