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Oiler in M1A1 stock

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Thanks for the feedback. @johnsonimg41, I'm thinking the leather might be a little stretched. I noticed if I push in on the leather near the end of the oiler, I can press the oiler out from behind the retaining area of the plate and get the oiler to come out. The combo of my cheek, recoil, and other movements might be combining to create a similar effect.

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That is exactly how mine is, you push one end and it tips the other end out away from the steel slot to clear and slide out. Mine has never popped out, but I don't really shoot it either? When I checked that earlier I was surprised at how soft the leather was in that area though? I had not noticed that before, but I don't recall ever taking the oiler out before? Quite likely in combat, the oilers were lost or carried elsewhere?

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