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FBI Case Winchester Model 1907

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Here are some screen shots showing guns being packed which have been collected by the American Committee for Defense of British Homes. The location is NYC.


One of the cases has a Winchester S/L rifle. Could be a .357 or .401. There appears to be a small size of case and a longer one.


The Committee did have contracts high places. Are these FBI cases?





American Committee 4.BMP

American Committee 2.BMP

American Committee 5.BMP

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They are cases. No way of knowing whether they were cases contracted by the FBI specifically or just cases made for the guns the way any other case was made in the time period. The few that i've seen have been full length, not take down. None of what I've seen could be tied to any actual FBI purchase records, but do follow a style associated with what they did purchase for their guns. Cases were also built for private folks and police departments by many different case and trunk companies.

Cool photos!!!!

I'm still hunting for a case for my gun.

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This is one case that is really cool.  There was another with just a 1907 that I bid on a year or two ago, but I can't recall where, and it ended over 7K IIRC.  I'll try and find it this week?  Are you pondering a run of them?



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4 hours ago, 1921A said:

Does anyone have pictures they could share for the Winchester Model 1907 case used by the FBI?   




I have a Books Trunk case for the 07, if that helps.  Shoot me a PM or email

I think there are pics posted on here somewhere 



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12 hours ago, johnsonlmg41 said:

“Are you pondering a run of them?”

If there’s enough interest, I may build a few replicas of the 1907  rifle  and shotgun cases produced by Books Trunk Company for the FBI.  I have enough original hardware for a small run.

Greg Fox


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On 8/21/2023 at 8:21 PM, johnsonlmg41 said:

I would be interested in a case.  I don't recall seeing Ron Brock's case, but that would be interesting to see as well.  My luck at searching the site has not been very good?

PM sent.

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