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MP-40 Question

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Have disassembled many MP40 stocks and also made many MP40 crosspins. The pins are typical for the gun, with counterbored ends that are assembled and then the ends are drift flared to secure them.

Best way to remove the pins is to make a drift with a short tip with a reduced OD to fit into the flared counterbore. The drift OD should be slightly less than the OD of the pin so it will pass through the pin hole as the pin moves out. The flare on the side that you are drifting will close up as it moves through the hole. If the reduced flare pin end is in good condition, the pin can be replaced and drift flared again using an appropriAtely sized center pinch.

When drifting the pins out, a solid backup is important.
Typical pin diameter is .153".Hope this helps.

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