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Turkish (MKE) 30-06 reported failures

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Back in fall of 2021 several retailers were selling Turkish (MKE) 30-06 from the 1960s and 70s. It started as sealed 1000 round cans and as supplies dwindled it changed to smaller lots in the cardboard cases. I picked up a 1000 round case early on at about .82 each which was a great deal. Before buying, I did a web search on the topic which resulted in several good reviews from the Garand community.


Tonight I found a auction of MKE 30-06 on GunBroker and the seller mentioned reports of Garand damage with MKE 60s production. Google put me onto a few threads like this one: http://forums.thecmp.org/archive/index.php/t-285669.html


Above thread, and others on Reddit, report case failures, cracked stocks, and in a few examples receiver damage (this data was not out there when I purchased the ammo).


Now I am shy to shoot this stuff in a BAR. My guess is the massive receiver and stout buffer would help but probably not worth the damage potential. Curious what others think. Also to inform the community for others that may have bought this stuff.

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You want to sell it for .82 a round?

For your help correcting the stock on my bar I'd be happy to. I can bring it with one of these days when I make the trip.

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