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Magazine Repair Tools

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IMG_20220914_150743_resized_20220914_030825523.jpgjust looked in my pile of tools and I have a set of mag repair tools, there is the internal for fixing the sides if hammered in and then the form tool to set the end lips, had this for some 30 plus years and worked great




If you ever decide youd be willing to rent this out let us know. Thank you sir.

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The gunsmith has verified the dimensions on my drawing of the upper "hammer" which were slightly different from Phaet's sketch but has not gotten around to verifying the lower "mandrel"


The hammer is actually the more critical part. All the mandrel does is keep the hammer centered and prevent you from moving the lips too far. By proceeding very carefully, I was able to fix 3 recalcitrant mags using just Phaet's hammer


Triple word score for use of the word "recalcitrant".

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