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Sten Mk III ... what is this modification?

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I've encountered a Sten Mk III (LB manufactured) with an additional element fixed onto either side of the receiver tube. The other examples of this gun that I have seen either online or in the flesh do not have this particular feature.


What is it?


I've posted this enquiry on another board, but no-one seems to know. Thanks for any information ...


Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of Peter Laidler's out of print bible.





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Unusual, however intriguing in that the mods are on each side at the end of the charging handle slot. Possibly a "belt loop" type setup, using a web strap inserted (going through all three loops and around the receiver) to (gag the bolt) on a loaded STEN with bolt forward to mitigate the bolt coming back under inertia (dropping) and accidentally firing the weapon ? Best guess. But seems that could be simply alleviated by not having the mag in...

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I decided to purchase this weapon, and now it's in my hands, I have conducted some further investigations. The pieces on either side of the top rib, and the piece below the slot for the charging handle, do indeed form a channel which passes through the rib (per the earlier comment by "thirtyround"). It can therefore take a thin strap which wraps around the tube (modelled in the attached photographs with a piece of paper). That would seem to support the theory of a strap which prevented the bolt cycling back and an accidental discharge. Further thoughts welcome, of course ...



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