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I am not sure who it is, he is in Garden City, ID by the mailing address and uses an email address that I will not put here. If you or someone want it go to SAR. I don't want the idiot accusing me of posting his information anywhere.


He is selling his entire collection of guns, everything from Colt TMSG's, M16's, MP-43, MP5's, Aug's, MAC's and more, wants $165k FOR THE LOT.


He first contacted me back in May on an ad I ran looking for a 1921A offering me a 1921AC saying it WAS originally an A!


I emailed him yesterday trying to find out what other TMSG's he might have and I got a pissy response.


He comes back with the TMSG he first offered me back in May for $38.5K+, well that is ONE what about the 's after the TMSG's?

That implies you have more than one. This is the text below and is what he offered me when he first contacted me in May take note on the comments on A and AC. My ad says I was looking for a 1921A.


"Colt 1921 early "mint" condition MIRROR low serial # mdl. from documented police

agency w/property stickers intact. In book. With org. FBI HardCase & most ac.'s,

NO SP KIT! All else; to include: #4 mags., Both #1 'C' & 'L' drums, cleaning rod, &

#1 riot mag./w/box of org. Peters shot-cart.'s.The p. agency had put a comp. on, so an AC, but was org. only an A mdl.


Entire collection is being adv. nationally, soon.


Price: @ $38,500.00 Not cheap! Probably best TSMG in U.S.A. @ this time, being

offerred 4-sale from private collection of 15+ years. I've never fired it, from appearance,

like most cops, never fired it, either--except maybe during training? "



He needs a lesson in customer service. Yesterday, I asked a legit question about other TMSG's he might have and all he can do is say he was clear on his last email to me like I was bothering him, he was the one who contacted me first! Then he basically says if I don't want to buy the lot have a good 4th. What a jerk.



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Try not to let it bother you. Some people weren't raised properly.

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His ad has been in Shotgun News and/or Gun List also. I contacted him from that ad about a month ago by email. His answer to my message >>>


Dear Sir:


RU a C3 dealer, or individual?


The collection consists of a detailed list along w/either photos, video or disc. The fee to

receive this is $25.00.


One must 'see' the weapons, so as to qualify their value. Additionally, I'm more interested

in selling en bloc rather than individually. Piecemeal, will be a auction-type format whereby

the highest bidder wins the gun of his choice. Should I decide to do this.


Get back w/me asap w/answers to these Q.'s if you wish to proceed. I don't give out FREE

LISTS - in this manner, to discourage the C3's for $ comparisons, C3 wannabes, or just



Finest private collection in country! Thanx.




Then the next day>>>>>>>>


On 2d thought - out of a prior MidWesterner myself, I'll give you some basic info. @ my C3

collection. As follows:


Colt TSMG's, Colt M-16's H&K's; MP-5's/33, etc., Stey-Aug; AK-47 Type-74; MAC's; Ruger

.22 suppressed rifle/pistol; cans; German LMG & Assault rifle--MP/43, etc., others.


Of course, you'll still need photos w/details.


Guns are private - I'm not a dealer or broker. Inspections welcomed. Museum quality, so do not expect any "steals" - hope they go to another collector, & for high-end retail $'s,

they undoubtedly will.


Photos/detailed list via SASE/$25 fee as advertised. This'll get you started. My cousin & I

used to chase tail in HS in your fair town - fr: CC, NE. Small world isn't it? Take care, and

maybe I'll here back from you, soon. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, PLEASE!


DR, ClassicalMGC3@aol


And a little later that day >>>>>


I don't know if my list crossed or not? As a Nebraskan, you may be interested in some

of the guns I bought them for historical/State significance; i.e., COLT TSMG's, WWI/II

German MG's, etc. Several come from NE!


Without photos, you won't know what to offer for a price.





You can draw your own conclusions as to whether you want to work through his sales process or not. My feeling is that he is excentric and will be tedious to deal with and his prices will be high.






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Tell him to go fuck himself and call JC Devine.


http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/laugh.gif http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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I gave up on him after the last email.

This guy will have a VERY hard time selling treating people like that.

And in my email he said he was soliciting "non-gun" investors, I can just imagine his treatment on someone who has not a clue on this stuff.


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....there is another way to handle this, and one I've resorted to on a few occasions. Tell him that if he is so sure that his collection is worthy of a visual inspection in order to appreciate their true value, that you agree but that obviously in such a case as this NO photographs will be able to tell the true story......so no $25.00 package, sorry, but you are quite willing and ready to board a plane with both your checkbook and your (or your Dealers) FFL in hand, along with Bank references for your check, and will need to make a PERSONAL inspection of any and all guns you will be buying.

Surely he will accede to a personal showing for guns of such high value and rarity?? If he does, just before you actually arrive (you ARE going, for real, right? I WASN'T kidding....) call again and announce you are bringing recognized authorities/appraisers along too, and that if all meets your inspection, certified funds will be deposited. Also, I ALWAYS make SURE that if I pay upfront......I take ALL non-reguated parts of guns WITH ME when I leave and am awaiting transfer (this eliminates the possibility of sentimental "one last time" shooting of the guns which always seem to consume several hundred, if not thousands, of rounds).

Hey, serious players will have ZERO issue with a personal inspection on a 165k+ buy.......GAMES players will. Caveat Emptor, in all cases.

-TomH(who has in the past taken "original" guns to ER's to get X-rayed before dropping cash.....just to be sure)

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