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The Forgotton Winchesters

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The book "the forgotten Winchesters" is once again available. Here is the story. Jim C ---------------------------- Original Message ---------------------------- Subject: John Henwood's book, The Forgotten Winchesters From: lspeckin@4n6.com Date: Sat, July 23, 2022 2:14 pm To: lspeckin@4n6.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------- In 1995 a book entitled "The Forgotten Winchesters: A History Of the Models 1905, 1907 and 1910 Self Loading Rifles" was copyrighted by John Henwood. Only 500 copies were printed. I purchased one of those original books from John circa 1996. It is an excellent book. His book was an inspiration for my book "Winchester Model 07 Self-Loading .351 Caliber: Its Past and Its Future with Modern Brass Bullets and Powders". In my book I did not duplicate John's work but carried forward where he left off. John passed away in 2011. His book is in great demand to the extent that one sold recently on line for $907.00 and another for $500.00. In short I purchased the copyright of "The Forgotten Winchesters" from John's widow, Katherine Henwood. I learned from Mrs. Henwood there is no computer program and no disc for this book. The original 500 books were privately printed and published in black and white on a word processor. Mrs. Henwood however found John's original manuscript for the book which allowed me to republish it without alteration either in substance or format. The book is 122 pages. It will be published exactly as John wrote it with no editing or changes and will be virtually indistinguishable in appearance or format from John's first 500 copies. I will continue the same numbering sequence starting with 501. I expect it will be available for delivery in three weeks. I have the proof set on my desk. I am offering John's book first to the purchasers of my book on a pre-order basis as it will be a limited run edition. The cost is $75.00 per book including postage. The third edition of my book is now available and is somewhat expanded regarding buffers (no longer available), recoil springs and the fitting of extra magazines, etc. Its price is $45.00. If you purchase both books the pre-order publication price is $100.00 including postage. Send orders to: Leonard Speckin, 14028 Percy Drive, Mecosta, Michigan 49332. Payment is by check or money order. For orders outside of the United States please call or write for cross border tariff charges and postage rates. Cell: (517) 881-9028 Land Line (231) 527-9352

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