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Group M2s

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Hey guys, thoughts on the Group Industries M2s. Quality? Value? Might be one coming up for sale nearby and curious what I should be expecting as to price and quality. Im guessing they just did the side plates and the functionality would be a matter of the builder but not sure.



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Get good pics to assess cosmetics of the build and request a video of it firing. Group guns were well constructed with excellent parts and with clean, uniform rivet heads and providing excellent cosmetics.

While there are going to be a number of builds done by others, I would say that the majority were put together by Group. M2s are not easy to build and, unlike the Group .30s, the shade tree guys would not be likely to do it, but I do know of a number of competent CIIs who put some together.
Just do your due diligence and don't rely on others, me included, and go see it if you feel that it bears more scrutiny. FWIW

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