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WW1 BAR mag belts, Bandoleers and tool box WTS

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W/ David's OK. Cross Posted on F/A BAR Board

EVERYTHING SOLD except #4 and lot of tools.

WTS the following Browning Automatic Rifle aka Browning Machine Rifle belts . Original WW1 dated.post-258380-0-51868000-1661093586_thumb.

Maybe time for a price reduction ! These are all nice belts.

#1 2nd Assistant belt. A scarce one. Seems many were converted in WW2 by removing Springfield clip pockets and replacing with BAR pocket ( see below)

Nice belt, a little faded. No tears, snaps are good. PLANT BROS. Was $200 now $180 shipped.

#2 Gunners belt w/ butt cup and 1911 mag pouch. All intact, snaps good. a little stain, please review pics LCC.Was $110 now $100 shipped SPF

#3 Rifleman's belt. 6 pocket BAR belt, snaps good, no issues. LCC.
Was $110 now $100 shipped

#4 2nd Assistant belt, modified in WW2 by removing 1903 clip pockets replacing with BAR pocket and changing belt attachment. A nice one. Again, snaps all good. Perfect for your early WW2 BAR. PLANT BROS. Was $110 now $100 shipped.

#5 Pair of WW1 bandoleers, Right and Left. Two different makers, P&B and LONG.Was $110 now $100 shipped for the pair. Both nice shape, good snaps. SPFpost-258380-0-65719300-1661095111_thumb.

#6 Single Left bandoleer, L&D Inc , good snaps. $50 shipped SPF post-258380-0-70912900-1661095144_thumb.

#7 BAR Leather Tool Box. JEWELL manufacture, 1918 date. Some discoloration, pouch solid otherwise. Included one combo tool in box( not pictured),

Was $40 now $35 shipped SPF post-258380-0-22992900-1661095219_thumb.

#8 Lot of Combo tools, 5 pieces. Tools were cleaned, pitted but functional. See pics. All 5 for $20 shipped.

#9 Pair of magazines. One blued WW1 , the other is dull blue or a dark Parkerizing ? Both for $60 shipped.

Please note, NO MAG SALES WHERE FORBIDDEN ! SPF to Roscoe Turner

Any questions please ask.

Payment by Personal Check, Postal Money Order or PayPal. Please post " I'll take it" here then follow with a PM.

Prices for USA sales. Others please ask. post-258380-0-23098300-1661095061_thumb.


Trade for Lewis or Madsen LMG parts and accessories.post-258380-0-99753000-1661095452_thumb. post-258380-0-67223800-1661095405_thumb. post-258380-0-36276400-1661095521_thumb. post-258380-0-33791900-1661095572_thumb.

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