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Owen gun end cap help!

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Pics of what you have? Just did a little research and it looks like it would shoot with out the endcap, the endcap is tension fit and looks to be relatively simple to make. Is this going to be a semi rebuild or a postie? Reweld or new tube? If making a tube I'd probably machine a shallow grove and make the fingers on the replacement cap fit into it.

Check out this video at about 12:15

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Warwick's in Australia has them.




Note the page says they will not ship international without an import permit. I emailed them, and they will ship parts such as the end cap, screws, etc. without the permit. NO triggers, sears, etc.


As MM mentioned above, the tube does have a slight bevel at the rear for the cap 'fingers' to snap over. I've been told that the cap stays on fine without the bevel.

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