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M1a1 Doubles In Semi

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Hi again fellow Thompson Fans!


I took my savage M1A1 out to the gravel pit for some 4th of July celebrating and noticed that it doubles in SA mode. Also sometimes in

FA it strings another two shots of so after I release the trigger. What's up? Worn sear? Springs? I probably should Know this!


Any help would be appreciated.



Thanks for the boards!



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Let me see if I understand this. So in the short cycle, the bolt picks up a new round, but doesn't go far enough back to engage the sear. Correct? I was curious if this was the same situtation with the Kahr, which have been known to spurt out a couple of rounds, almost on top of each other. It think it was called firing out of battery.
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That load should certainly be adequate, but let us know how the factory ammo does. Check pilot, buffer and spring as well as insure that no debris is binding bolt, outside or in the spring hole. Look for burrs on the sear notches or elsewhere.


Firing “out of battery” is a term accurately used in locked breech guns and loosely used in blow back guns with fixed firing pins. It describes a discharge prior to the locking system becoming engaged or prior to the round being fully seated, respectively.


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